"Copy The Proven Wealth Creation Formula Used By Donald Trump, Lord Grosvenor and Robert Kiyosaki to Unlock Enormous Profits with Zero Risk, No Capital and No Prior Training Required."

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Dear fellow wealth seeker.

If you want to work smart- not hard then this page is for you.

Because on this page I will not only expose the top wealth creation strategy used by Donald Trump, Lord Grosvenor and Robert Kiyosaki I will also show you how you can easily copy their exact technique and share their success to:

  1. Best wealth creation strategiesMake astonishing profits through simple contracts – I’ll show you the one I used to make the  £203,800 profit and other examples shown on this page...
  2. Enjoy complete freedom – to work whenever and from wherever you choose...
  3. Gain instant status in a prestigious business – not only in terms of income but as a respected independent consultant...
  4. Help build Britain's economy, create jobs and provide much needed, energy efficient housing...
  5. Guaranteed successmake at least 10x your investment back or one of the UK's top developers will work with you until you do!

If you’re interested in making money in a prestigious and ‘in-demand’ business then you will want to read every line on this page.

You see there is a Government backed opportunity for you right now in land development but where you don't actually need to own the land for the development. You don't need to build anything. You don't even need to know a thing about town planning and all the complicated regulations that surround this industry. Nor do you need to worry about falling house prices or the state of the economy.

In fact, if you can browse the internet and write an email then you're fully qualified for the job AND now is absolutely the best time to get started as you're about to discover ...

Exposing The UK Land Agent.

You see, a land agent simply needs to identify land with potential for further development. The land agent will then put the current landowner in touch with the best developer for their land and claim a commission or a share of the project's profits.

Here are the 10 top reasons why you'll love this business...

1. The Income Potential Is Phenomenal

You can easily earn anything from £5,000 to over £200,000 per project, sometimes for as little as 5 hours work. That works out to over £1,000 per hour!

You could have any number of projects under way at the same time so your earnings are scalable and only limited to your input into this business.

It's easy to see why really successful people like Donald Trump, Lord Grosvenor and Robert Kiyosaki use this business model to earn such large sums of money.

2. The Best Time To Get Started Is Right NOW!

This business is in demand right now! No doubt, you are aware of the massive housing shortage in the UK as well as our struggling economy. This has prompted government to come up with many initiatives such as their “Get Britain Building” program.

House-builders on the other hand have never stopped looking for good development land. As a matter of fact, they are using the current low prices to acquire even more land cheaply for their future housebuilding projects.

As a land agent you can take advantage of both government's incentives and the natural demand for development land right now and profit hugely from this growing trend.

You'll also create many jobs, stimulate the local economy and provide much needed modern or so-called “green” housing which is far more energy efficient and better for the environment than the older housing stock. It truly is a business where everybody wins.

3. You Don't Need Any Capital

You may find this hard to believe but as a land agent you'll be profiting from land that you never own. As a result you don't need a large sum of capital to get started. You don't need any special equipment, staff, premises etc. in fact you can start this business with just a few hundred pounds in the bank and still make the huge profits I mentioned earlier.

4. Your Risk Will Be Zero

Like I said, you don't need any capital and neither will you need to take out a mortgage or a business loan. The only thing you will really need to contribute is a few hours of your time so if a project doesn’t work out for whatever reason you can simply ditch it and move on to the next project without losing any sleep over it.

5. It's So Easy, Anyone Can Do This

This business is truly open to anyone. You don't need a special skill or any form of formal training or even membership to a governing body. This business works equally well for both sexes, you could be fresh out of school or well into your retirement years.

Like I said earlier, if you can browse the internet and write an email you are fully qualified for the job.

6. It Will Give You The Freedom You've Always Wanted

Finally! You can be your own boss and work from home.

All you'll need to be a successful land agent is a computer with an internet connection and the right know how. This means you can work from anywhere in the world and any time that suits you.

You can put in a few hours over the weekend or a full 8 hours work day. You can do this from your bedroom at home or your iPad at your favourite holiday spot. This is an extremely flexible and portable business that you can mould to fit your lifestyle any which way you choose to.

7. Have The Ability To Achieve Any Goal You Can Dream Of

Do you dream big?

If so, you'll love this business because it is perfectly scalable.

The more work you put into this business the more projects you can generate and the more you can earn. Plus, the more you do it the better you'll get and you'll be able to generate bigger projects with bigger profits, it is as simple as that.

You can literally work as little or as much as you want or need to. If you are looking to supplement your existing income you can work just a few hours a week. If you want to replace your current income you can scale things up to work the same hours you would at your job. You could bank lump-sums to use as a pension strategy. You could buy that much needed new car, take a trip around the world or even a new luxury home - and pay for it in cash!

8. Build A Bankable Asset Out Of Thin Air

In addition to the substantial income you'll make on each project you complete, every project that are in your pipeline can be seen as “inventory” with the potential of earning huge profits some time in the future. This income potential together with your new found expertise becomes a bankable asset which you can sell to someone or pass on to your children to set them up for life...

9. Leave a Legacy

As a land agent you could also add your name to a project. How about naming a new street or building after yourself or a loved one – just like “Trump Tower” or “Russell Square” in London?

10. Your Ticket To Join Society's Elite.

If you are looking to propel your position in society then this business is for you. Not only will you gain instant respect and status just by becoming a successful land agent, it can also open up many networking opportunities for you.

You see, you'll be providing well connected people in property, business, finance, and politics with the services they need. So they'll be happy to take all your calls whether it is to negotiate a new development project, help you in some other business venture or simply to arrange your next golf day together...

This Is How Things Used to Work.

Sounds great you may think – but how on earth do you become a land agent? You certainly won't find any career guidance on it, or positions for it being advertised.

Land Not SellingYou see, until recently property developers were relying on surveyors and estate agents to offer them land which they think could be suitable for development. More often than not, these parcels of land are actually not what the developers are looking for. It may be too far from amenities or transport links or in a bad neighbourhood. It may be impossible to get the desired planning permission or simply offered to them at overinflated prices.

The only option for a developer is to wait for a better proposal to land at their door or take a pick from a number of poor candidates that were available to them when they are desperate to start a new build project. That's why you often see new “For Sale” signs on vacant land or derelict buildings without any actual development taking place on it for years.

Now There Is A Better Way.

The specific formula I'll be showing you will however completely ignore the poor proposal sites that are already on the market. Instead you will be able to source new projects that are appealing to the developer, the local authority and everybody else involved.

This fresh approach has proven to be so popular that developers are snapping our projects up like wildfire. Coupled with the current demand for new building projects I mentioned earlier, my colleagues just can't keep up and we have only managed to scratch the surface.

This is where you come in with the opportunity you are about to discover...

So Why You Should Listen To Me

Mike Bloxam - top UK Land AgentMy name is Mike Bloxam and I have been a professional land agent since October 2000. In this time I have put together many property development projects, some netting me as much as £200,000 as you can see from the examples on this page. We’ve also been paid in houses too! I do this even in the current economic environment, without committing any of my own money and each deal costing me just a few hours of my time.

Because I specialise in finding sites for other developers, I know exactly what they want. This has enabled me to formulate the highly successful recipe for sourcing valuable and attractive development sites I mentioned above.

Furthermore, I have also helped a number of “students” to achieve similar results allowing them to make significant financial gains on UK property using my simple step-by-step business formula. Go on, play the videos of Bob Arnold and Mike Kenny which are also on this page. You'll see that anyone with the right mindset, a little bit of guidance and the right tools can also copy my success.

Here's How Easy It Is For You To Get Involved.

If you want a slice of the action then here is that opportunity I have been talking about. You see, I've condensed all of my knowledge and into a simple step-by-step formula that anyone can follow to become a highly successful, highly paid UK land agent.

I call my system or formula LandFusion. It is a simple system of procedures, a template or recipe if you like that you can quickly and easily implement to get the exact benefits I've mentioned above. The same benefits that Donald Trump, Lord Grosvenor and Robert Kiyosaki enjoy with their respective property development businesses.

So What Is LandFusion?

I have designed my LandFusion system to be an online resource so you can access it easily and refer to the latest updated version of it whenever you want to. So when you subscribe to LandFusion, I will send you login details to a protected website that contain step by step instructions as well as online videos that fully explain everything you need to know to become a successful land agent within just a few days including:

How to identify development projects with a high probability of gaining planning permission so you don't waste your time on projects that will never fly.

How to identify land that is in high demand by developers right now. One of our secrets is to  always have a buyer lined up for your project even before you start. I’ll show you how.

How to legally secure high profits on land you don't even own – you simply can't be a land agent without this vital piece of the puzzle.

How to fully assess a potential development site without ever setting foot on it. I will show you the exact online resources which I use to gain all the information I need on a site and its surroundings, anywhere in the UK to put together a profitable development project.

The best ways to approach property owners – I'll share my 12 years of experience with tried and tested ways to get the necessary buy in from all kinds of land owners from young families to senior citizens. Don't make the mistake of thinking that they are all the same. They are not and all your dealings will only end in frustration if you don't know how to approach them with care.

How to filter out the developers you should avoid. This could save you £1000's and valuable time - ignore this advice at your peril. Don’t let unscrupulous developers steal your sites without paying you!

How to profit from agricultural land and so-called “green belt”. Most property professionals and town planners will tell you it is impossible to develop on virgin land, yet there are some instances where you can turn a profit on such projects with little effort and with the local authority’s full support.

I will also give you the exact templates that I use on a day to day basis. Contracts, letters, emails, spreadsheets, checklists, everything you need to be up and running within days.

It's A Real Business For Real People With A Real Product

It is NOT some internet marketing fad or fly by night biz-op with empty promises that won't make you any money and only suck away your precious time. This is a real business with real people and a real product. It is a business I have been doing this for over 12 years with a proven track record.

It is absolutely true that you only need an internet connection to be a successful land agent, that you can do it from anywhere in the world, whenever you want, with very little money and no prior qualifications so I can understand the confusion and your concerns.

But make no mistake; what you'll be doing is sourcing development land for house builders, it just so happens that the techniques I'll be showing you are very similar to an internet marketing business.

There Will Be No Hard Selling

No hard selling or any hard bargaining will be required. In fact, I completely discourage it. Time and again, in my line of work it has been proven that when I approach landowners with respect that they are more than willing to work with me.

Furthermore, you'll be offering them above market value for their property. This goes a long- long way, especially nowadays that most people's personal finances are tight. You will literally be the key to a better life for them and they'll welcome your offer to help them achieve this.

Recession Proof Your Income

In case you have missed this important point, you do not need to own the properties you will be working with. So you need not worry about falling house prices or the current economic climate.

Believe me, there is plenty of demand for good building land throughout the UK. This demand has been with us for many years and it will not be met any time soon either. You can be confident of a stable land market to 2015 as the first stage. So you can sink your teeth into this business without ever worrying about a boom and bust economy.

What Will It Cost You?

Let me ask you, how much will this be worth to you?

How much do you value a simple, step-by-step system that you can do from home with absolutely no prior training, no capital and no risk yet it has the ability to earn you a decent five even six figure annual income?

How much would you pay to cut-and-paste the proven formula that my students and I have been using for over 10 years to earn substantial commissions, completely unaffected by the recession and which is in high demand right now? The same techniques used by Donald Trump and Lord Grosvenor and Robert Kiyosaki to accumulate massive wealth?

It is common to value a business as between four to ten times earnings. Well if that were the case and you only succeeded to complete a single project of £5,000 (even with minimal effort you'll do a lot better than that) then this opportunity should be worth at least £50,000. I've seen many franchise opportunities with far less potential than this business being offered for a lot more!

I also asked my internet consultant who is helping me with this project what he thinks LandFusion should be priced at. He has a lot of experience with selling products and business opportunities online and he thinks between a thousand and four thousand pounds.

But here's the thing. I am not an internet marketer. Truth be told, I can make a lot more money by putting together more land development deals. Considering all the hours that went into developing the LandFusion opportunity and the fact that I can earn at least £1,000 per hour – then I would have to price it for at least £80,000 just to break even.

That probably raises another question to you and that’s ‘why do I need to sell the course?’ The simple answer is: new contacts - as I will explain in a minute.

But first let me tell you...

It Won't Cost You Nearly As Much As You Think.

I am not going to ask you to pay £80,000 to compensate me for my time and expertise.

I am not going to ask you to pay fifty thousand pounds– an extremely reasonable price considering the income potential that the Landfusion business opportunity can offer.

I am not even going to ask you to pay a thousand pounds – the lowest of the price range my internet marketing consultant is suggesting.

I am simply going to ask you to pay a price that I think is both affordable for to you and will value the LandFusion opportunity for its full potential.

So the price you will have to pay for joining the LandFusion program and copy the top wealth building technique of Donald Trump, Lord Grosvenor and Robert Kiyosaki is only £197. This includes all the course material, examples, templates, everything you need to become a successful land agent within just a few days.

Why Just £197?

So why on earth did I go through all the trouble of putting together my LandFusion system and offering it to you for just £197?

I have a number of reasons, like doing my part to help the environment and the British economy through the building of modern “green” housing. But my main reason is a bit more selfish than that. You see, through my teaching and helping others to become successful land agents I get to meet a lot of interesting and talented people. People who can help me with their expertise, like my internet marketing consultant who is actually also one of my students.

Clearly I am not doing it for the money. As you know I have a far more lucrative way of earning a living. But that just makes the LandFusion opportunity far more attractive than anything else out there don't you think?

So to join my LandFusion community of highly successful, highly paid and highly respected land agents simply click the "Join Now" button below and complete the order form on the next page.

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Limited Spots Available To This Exclusive Program!

Don't put this off. I can only help a limited number of people and to keep my profession exclusive I will only share my LandFusion system with a few motivated members.

Once this quota is filled I will take down the LandFusion.co.uk website and this opportunity may be gone forever. To avoid disappointment and reserve your spot, click the “Join Now” button above and complete the order form.

Your Success Is Guaranteed

I am 100% convinced that anyone who applies the techniques in my LandFusion system will become successful through our training in just a few weeks. To put your mind at ease about this I am prepared to put my money and my precious time on the line to guarantee your success.

Guarantee No 1 – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

30 Day Money Back GuaranteeFirst of all I will give you the standard 30 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you decide that my LandFusion system is not for you within 30 days of making your payment then simply let me know by email or phone. I will give you a full refund no questions and no hard feelings.

Guarantee No 2 – 10 x Your Money Back Guarantee.

10x Money Back GuaranteeHere is a guarantee that no one else can offer. I guarantee that you will make at least 10 times your investment into my LandFusion System back within eighteen months or I will personally work with you until you do.

It's simple. Start implementing my easy step-by-step LandFusion system and if within eighteen months of you doing so you have not made at least 10 times your money back – that's £1,970 - then let me know and I will work with you on your next project and split its profits with you 50/50. That way not only do you get to see first hand how a development project should be executed but you will also get at least £2,500 profit as the smallest project I ever work on would be £5,000.

I am really putting my neck on the line here and I am sure you have never seen a guarantee like this before. But that just goes to show how relaxed I am that this program is for you and that you will make a success of it, but only if you put your mind to it and join TODAY.

Even More Benefits:

I've already mentioned all the general advantages on this page you'll enjoy if you decide to take on this rewarding business. But, should you really need more convincing, I have also written articles that expose even more benefits if you're one of the following (click the relevant link to learn more):

One Final Thought.

I have proven to you that there is a great demand for land agents across Britain right now and that it will do a great deal of good if we can heed the government's call to “get Britain building”. I have shared with you over ten compelling reasons why some really successful people like Donald Trump, Lord Grosvenor and Robert Kiyosaki use this exact business model to create wealth.

My only hope is that YOU realise the tremendous potential of this opportunity for your personal and wealth creation success. So join LandFusion now to secure your spot and let's get started.

I do hope you'll be joining our exclusive group of UK land agents.

Kind regards.

Signed Mike Bloxam
Mike Bloxam.

PS: Property development has been a major wealth creator for centuries. It is no wonder that really successful people like Donald Trump, Lord Grosvenor and Robert Kiyosaki use this strategy to create wealth and now with my LandFusion system you can finally get in on the action and copy their success. Simply join LandFusion now and get started today.

PPS: This opportunity really is open to anyone. You don't need any special skill or training of any kind to become a successful land agent. We have successful members from all walks of life including all ages, both genders and from anywhere in the world so there is no excuse for joining LandFusion now.

PPPS: Spots are limited. This page will be taken down as soon as I have reached my quota for new members. Join LandFusion now to avoid disappoint.