“Copy The No1 Wealth Technique Of Top Property Investors Like Donald Trump, Lord Grosvenor and Robert Kiyosaki To Quickly Maximize the Value of Any UK Property”

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Dear Property Investor

You've probably guessed what I am referring to is the phenomenal gains to be had on property simply by gaining better planning permission on it. Yes, a simple stroke of a pen can sometimes double the value of a property.

Profits for property investorsAs I am sure you deal with, or at least look at many properties on a daily basis, knowing how to maximise each property's value, whether you own it or not, can quickly add massive sums to your net worth...

Now you may believe that the planning process in the UK is fickle, unpredictable and even unjust. Well you'll be happy to know that you don't even need to get involved in the actual planning process to make money as a land agent. In fact, you don't even need to own the property as I will show you how you can make substantial gains on other land owners' properties.

Mike Bloxam - top UK Land AgentMy name is Mike Bloxam and I have been a land agent for over 12 years. In this time I have put together many property development projects netting me between £5,000 to £203,800 (see proof on this page) without committing any of my own money and each deal costing me just a few hours of my time. I have also helped a number of ‘students’ to achieve the same success allowing them to make significant financial gains on UK property and I am here to show you how you can do the same.

Let's look at the top benefits for you as a property investor.

  1. Fantastic Returns – A typical development land deal could bring you in from £20'000 to over £200'000 for around 5 hours work as you can see from the examples on this page. That's without laying a single brick – it could be much more if you decide to finance and build out the actual development.
  2. No Financial Constraints – You can make these kinds of profits on property you don't even own. I will show you how you can claim a fat commission on other land owners' property which means you don’t have to come up with any financing like a mortgage on the property in question and you can therefore have as many development deals on the go at the same time as you want without it affecting your credit status.
  3. No Risk – Because you do not need to invest any of your own money in your development deals there is absolutely zero risk to you. The planning gain will simply add to the value of the property and the only thing you may need to invest is a little bit of your time.
  4. Easy Entry – Anyone can become a land agent; you do not need any formal education, special contacts or affiliation to any professional body. All you do need is a computer and an internet connection and some ambition. You can even do this business from your holiday villa anywhere in the world...
  5. Perfect Sideline – You already look at many property investment opportunities on a daily basis. Now, with the skills you are about to learn you will be able to see the hidden value of those properties – the kind of value any other property investor may overlook. Furthermore, if times are hard and you need an additional income you can simply put together a few development deals to pull you through.

But isn't property and land development dead?

That's a good question and the answer is – certainly not!

As you know, there is a high ever growing demand for housing in the UK and while the current economic downturn did result in a slowdown in housing delivery, the larger well funded house builders are actually using the current lull in property prices to acquire their future build projects at lower prices. They are basically using the lowered expectations of land owners to build up their landbanks for future development when the economy improves in a few years time.

For a more detailed explanation you can download my free report wherein I will prove to you beyond any question why now is a great time to get involved as a land agent. But you must act now. I can only take a limited number of new land agents under my wing and I will take this page down once I have reached my quota.

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