OK I know my email had a crazy subject line but even more crazy is; its not too far from the truth!
Before I explain the deal, take a look at this image and see if you can find the £75K project we're just about to start:









I know it doesn't give you much of a clue but thats the beauty of the system.
Developers dont always see these opportunities either.

Here's how it was found:
Project identified using our landfusion strategy within an hour. (You have this course)
A set of letter sent to these owners probably took 10 minutes to merge and post. (You have these letters)
Responses came back positively from three owners within two weeks and bingo! We have a new project very likely to go the distance.

Now, you'll not get a strike rate like this eveytime you try, but think about it. That's big money for not doing much!
How much do you get for say, two hours work in your regular job?
Unless you're a footballer, highly unlikely its anywhere in the same hemisphere as this am I right?!

Do you think you could find a site like this? Here it is, I've hilighted this for you:








Perhaps not where you were thinking but this is a decent area and the site is suitable for a maximum of 4 units due to the restricted access through a detached garage.

You know as well as I do you could have found this easily. Probably under a mile away from where you live.
Now if you're thinking, that's fine for us as we're experts in this business and we'd be expected to find deals like these, then I have to tell you something right now.......This is not our site!
It was found by a postman in Berkshire.......He bought our LandFusion Consultancy Program and is now a Pro Member.
This is his first project. We're working on it together and as you can imagine he's pretty happy!

If you've not signed up to our Pro Member program I emailed you about last week, why the hell not?!
You could be sitting on a nice £75K pot in four to six months too and we only take 5% of this size project, so YOU keep the lions share.

Here is the link again: http://landfusion.co.uk/members
I have thirteen places left so make sure you're on this program.
Watch the video again and sign up.
I guarantee I'll steer you to finding your first deal within 4 months! How's that for confidence?