Freedom is something we rarely give thanks for or think about in our daily lives, but we, in the western world enjoy a level of freedom citizens in other less fortunate countries are willing to die for.

We see it on the news and in the papers every day.
The struggle for the right of life, free from oppression goes on.
Throughout the world there are unsung heroes who provide us the protection and freedom of speech we take for granted.

One of those people was David Chamberlain.
David was a friend and colleagues of ours for many years and we worked on land projects together.
Dave worked for HM Customs and Excise in an interesting and covert role, before deciding to take up a new post with the Border Management Task Force, in a challenging international collaboration providing border security in Afghanistan.

Dave had a great sense of humour and was good at identifying projects, long before the online tools we use today were even thought of.
His enthusiasm was infectious and we used to meet at a pub in his old home town of Horsham, with big maps and plans spread across a table with pint glasses holding down the corners! Happy days.
We kept in touch, even when the work pressures of his demanding day job meant he had less time to work with us.
He last emailed me to tell me of his new role in Afghanistan.
I wasn’t surprised to hear he’d taken this new position, although I remember thinking at the time; the choices we make in life sometimes lead us into unknown and dangerous places, but our great Country has its foundations in the dedication and spirit of the David Chamberlains’of the world.
The pioneers who understand and embrace the challenges without much attention to their own mortality.

Sadly, David lost his life on Monday the 23rd  July when an Afghan police officer shot David and two other US border agents’ dead, wounding two others.
You can read about the incident here.

I pay tribute to my friend and colleague and send my deepest sympathies to his wife Paula and his family.



11 Responses to Tribute to David Chamberlain

  1. Adrian says:

    Such a sad loss.. He sounded like a really great guy! My thoughts are with all his family and close friends.

  2. jen says:

    I wish to send regards to his family

  3. T S Gill says:

    Hi Mike

    I read with great shock the trgic death of David
    and wonder where this world is leading to.

    The man of 20th century is supposed to be a civilised
    being but sadly it has gone beyond barbarians, thousands
    of years ago when he was ignorant and living in the
    jungles and caves.

    It’s sad we respect the man made temples churches, mosques etc.
    made of bricks and mortar but destroy mercilessly the human body
    which is the temple of the living God.

    I myself and my family pay tribute to the great hero and send deepest
    sympathy to his wife and family.

    With love

    T S Gill

  4. Richard says:

    My thoughts and prayers are offered for his family and friends.

  5. David says:

    I did not know David. Iwill remember him and his family in my prayers.

    David Henderson Bangor Co Down

  6. Tim Spring says:

    Dear Mike,
    Thank you for sharing your grief with us.
    I am so sad at the loss of not just another human being, who I don’t know, but for someone who was working to make the lives of others better. More importantly, he held the belief that it’s better to help others even in the face of losing your own life doing it.
    I am also sad because the culprit who shot him really believes his cause is better, his actions are excusable, his right to his type of society is better than the rights of others to decide differently for themselves. They still have so much to learn.
    Worst of all, for myself, is that he died in my name as a British subject and I cannot forgive the man who took a life so willingly given in my name, in freedom and in truth and in justice.
    Truly Man has not gone far in pursuit of truth and peace in this world.
    May David Chamberlain rest in peace as he so richly deserves, and may his loving family take pride in his life given to others. My heart bleeds with theirs.

  7. ally menzies says:

    A very sad day it was. I met Dave a couple of times in Dorking , Surrey- he was a colleague of a good friend of mine. Very sad

  8. Stal says:

    Sympathies to David’s family, friends and colleagues.

  9. Phil says:

    What a tragic loss.

    Glad to hear you shared many happy moments with him. Unfortunately all our time here is limited, at least he was fulfilling a life of adventure and doing the things he loved.


  10. Elizabeth says:

    My sincere condolenses to his wife and family who have lost such a great man. May his soul rest in peace.

    Kind regards